May 3, 2008   First Gallery Page


This page uses Blogger to provide image upload, scaling, and linking to the larger individual images. It is not really intended for extensive photo display, but for text, so arranging the images can be awkward. I "cheated" by making a table in the WYSIWYG editor Nvu, copying and pasting it into the Blogger Compose window, and then placing the images in the table cells. Interestingly, the Blogger Compose window handles the table just fine, but doesn't give an option for creating one.

See the embedded Picasa slide show at the end for another way to create a photo gallery.

Boys in a Basket







The GPSSC had a wonderful time at the annual Christmas party and everyone who attended met their new mascot—Gypsscy! Gypsscy will be at some of our functions in the future!

Notice how using Blogger allows having
lots of description with each photo if you wish.



Google automatically create a Picasa album from the images that you upload to your blog. The pictures are combined in one album for the blog, not separated by posts. (Picasa is Google's photo album application.)

Here is a link to the album produced by this blog:

The images were organized into a different order, and captions added.


Picasa can create a slide show from the images in an album. You can view it from the album or embed it directly in a web page. To embed it, you copy and paste some code into the HTML. (Blogger has an option for editing the HTML.) You won't see the slide show in the Compose window, but it will be there when you publish.

You could also create separate albums directly in Picasa and link to them or embed the slide shows instead of putting the photos on the blog page.


May 2008  

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